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The Full Story


SPAN Consulting is a premier legal, investigations and business risk consulting boutique firm offering exemplary and differential services to our esteemed clients in pan South Asia and SEA, having offices in Singapore and India (Delhi and Mumbai). We are specialists in Brand Protection (Anti-Counterfeiting, Diversion, Product Tampering and any IP Infringement). We believe in Serving our clients with honesty and humility, relentlessly Protecting their assets (products, processes and people), being Accountable for what we do for our clients and communities that we live in and having a Nimble-wit. 

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We are experienced and take pride in conducting and providing a complete range of services covering IP (Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Designs), confidential information & trade secrets, healthcare regulatory laws, media, entertainment & sports laws, and digital & IT laws including but not limited to (1) IP registration and prosecution, (2) audits, (3) product security investigations, and enforcement (PSI&E) of rights through civil, criminal, and administrative measures thru law enforcement and regulatory agencies (4) litigation, (5) comprehensive legal and business risk consulting, assessments and developing risk mitigation plans, (6) customs recordation of IPR, and (7) LEA, Customs, External and Internal stakeholder trainings, (8) supply chain security/integrity programs, risk assessments and investigations, etc.,  


Our specially curated Brand Protection: Total Legal & Business Solutions (TLBS) practice holistically addresses the counterfeiting, product diversion, product tampering, and IPR infringement concerns of our clients. The solutions are designed and executed to meet our client's primary objectives of ensuring patient/ consumer safety, protecting its reputation and trust (which customers have in its products and company), and enhancing its revenue.

Our brand protection service offerings include, but are not limited to


  • Brand Protection Market Monitoring, Intelligence Gathering, and Analysis (O2O), including conducting Evidentiary Test Purchases

  • Product Security Investigations and Enforcement Actions 

  • Supply Chain Security/Integrity Investigations, Risk Assessment, and Mitigation Programs

  • Customs Recordation of Trademarks and Awareness & Enforcement Programs

  • Assess Brand Protection Risk and Business Opportunities and assist and support in deploying a comprehensive approach to brand protection - Total Legal & Business Solutions (TLBS) where needed. 

  • Management of illicit Trade incidents thru The SPAN Suite - SPAN’s software platform, an end-to-end CRM for IP and brand protection. 

Who we are
In an age of business where attention and existence is at its peak, we are proud of the fact that our collective wisdom spans 5 decades in Legal, Risk and Brand Protection. As a group of self-driven  professionals with 2 offices in India, 1 in Singapore, connected with over 200 professionals in 30 Countries,
we are your Local Advisor with
Global Expertise
Why we exist

We exist to accelerate the prowess of Enterprises across the globe to protect its patients and consumers from illicit trade, protect company reputation & trust and enhance its revenue.

Our mission is to provide a deep understanding of legal, business and brand protection risk to enterprises and use the process of co-creation to partner their value journey by providing our professional excellence.

How we work
Extreme focus on expert understanding of legal and business risk, use of data analytics and technology, and process of co-creating the business opportunities as well challenges to assist client's wealth/value/protection objectives. We provide customized, innovative yet simple solutions
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