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Advocate D2279/1999


SPAN Consulting Pte. Ltd.

  • Partner and Practice Head - Brand Protection

  • Earlier served as head of Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline Brand Protection function in the Asia Pacific - established and led the legal brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-diversion, and supply chain security functions.

  • INTA Anti Counterfeiting Committee of INTA 2022-23 and Global Covid-19 Awareness Project

  • Speaker and expert panelist at industry events and forums. Worked extensively with PSI, USPTO, UKIPO, USABC, USIBC, UNIFAB, INTA etc.,


  • Reduced counterfeiting by several percentage points and, in fact, made it zero for several products with a concerted and consistent holistic brand protection approach.

  • Shifted focus from a reactive to proactive & preventative program and developed a deep knowledge, solid strategy and multi-year tactics (involving product protection, supply chain integrity, market monitoring, investigations and enforcement actions (O2O), regulatory, government and industry engagements, data analytics, distributor compliance, awareness and education campaigns) resulting in a reduction of risk to patient/ consumer, protection of reputation and enhancement of business value. Organized over 2500 investigations and legal actions (a mix of civil, criminal, and administrative) across the Asia Pacific

  • Conducted and managed over 1000 incidents of counterfeiting, product diversion, supply chain integrity, sensitive investigations, fraud, theft investigations, anti-corruption/ FCPA/ ABAC violations, security-related investigations, and audits

  • Helped recover lost revenues worth over USD 30 MN year-on-year, consistently, for over three years (hard and soft dollars)

  • Developed 10 safe and secure supply chain best practices and applied them across, thus protecting the supply chain thereby protecting consumers

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